Zodiac add-in for Microsoft Word

In order to demonstrate Zodiac's features, we have developed a user-friendly interface in the form of a Microsoft Word add-on on Windows (all versions). More info on Zodiac.

▶ See the Word add-in in action.

Installation of Complément Zodiac

  1. Make sure you have administrative privileges on your computer.
  2. Close Outlook and Word if they are currently running.
  3. Download the installer SetupZodiac.msi (120 Mo).
  4. Right-click on the downloaded file and click « Install ».

How to use it in Microsoft Word

When the Zodiac environment is loaded in Word, an additional menu appears and allows you to access a few simple features. For Word 2007 and later, the menu is in the tab "Add-ins". See the video above for a demo.

Zodiac only inserts diacritical marks (accents, umlauts, cedillas) and assumes that the rest of the text is correctly spelled; it is not a spell-checker, and won't correct mistakes like past participles ending in er rather than é.

Activer/Désactiver Zodiac: Activating Zodiac will make it suggest an accentuated modification to the current sentence, after each word is typed. Sentence boundaries are those identified by Microsoft Word. Automatic accentuation is triggered after typing a non-alphabetic character or a digit.

Réaccentuer la sélection: Accents the current selection, even if Zodiac is deactivated.

About Zodiac: Leads to this web site (French version).

In this demo version, the system inserts accents and other diacritical marks on the whole sentence, even if you have already typed or corrected accents. If you deem this behavior problematic, deactivate Zodiac and use selective accentuation. RALI would be happy to modify this and produce an add-in adapted to your needs. Please contact Guy Lapalme for this.

To test Zodiac, see a few examples on the project page.


The Zodiac add-in can be uninstalled like any other Windows application.

On Windows 7, click on the Start Menu, choose Control Panel, click « Program and Features ». The name of the program to uninstall is « Complément Zodiac ».

You can also read Microsoft's uninstallation procedures for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP.