Place Names in Canada

A List of Place Names in Canada

For the Environmental Information Dissemination project, we need information on place names in Canada. Here are a few data sources which seem interesting, along with local copies for the needs of our projects.

List of 36,274 official city names an other geographical places in Canada, including information on their respective longitude, latitude, classification and province.

These files are a local copy, made on 5 May 2010, of files made available throught the GeoBase, where a lot of other files are available. The data is free, but registering is mandatory to access it. Here are version designed to be a little more practical with respect to our projects. [4 M]
places.xls [13M]
Excel file for manipulating the names.
places.dat Original source file in CSV format (latin-1 encoding)
places.txt Short description of the file.

Another interesting source of geographical information is Geonames. For Canada, it is possible to download all of the available information in a single file:

Geonames-readme.txt Description of the file format.
Geonames-CA.txt [32 M] For Canada, tab-separated text file, encoded in UTF-8.