Dictionnaire Électronique des Mots — Electronic dictionary of words

by Jean Dubois and Françoise Dubois-Charlier

June 2014


The French version of this page allows the online consultation of the dictionary described in:

Dubois Jean, Dubois-Charlier Françoise, « La combinatoire lexico-syntaxique dans le Dictionnaire électronique des mots. Les termes du domaine de la musique à titre d'illustration », Langages 3/ 2010 (n° 179-180), p. 31-56.
Available for certain institutions at http://www.cairn.info/revue-langages-2010-3-page-31.htm.

A short presentation

Dictionnaire Électronique des Mots (Electronic dictionary of words, abbreviated DEM) is a database counting 145,198 entries. Each entry consists of seven fields that specify its sense, as well as additional properties pertaining to categories, morphology, semantic and syntax. This is encoded using a principled scheme.

The goal of the dictionary is two-fold:

  1. Ensure that the chaining of elements contained under each entry leads to the formation of an simple sentence (syntagmatic axis)
  2. Ensure that a given label used in an entry for a given word is used elsewhere for other words, thereby defining word classes (paradigmatic axis)

Looking up entries in the dictionary

You can look up entries in the Dictionnaire élecronique des mots by using the French version of this page. Additional information and source code is also available there.


Contact : Guy Lapalme