XML version of the University of South Florida Free Association Norms (USF-FAN)

The University of South Florida Free Association Norms is the largest database of free association ever collected in the United States. More than 6,000 participants produced nearly three-quarters of a million responses to 5,019 stimulus words.

Their site is quite comprehensive and gives access to many types of predefined tables of associations.

Here is an XML version produced by selecting information from the 8 files of Appendix A: All of the normed words(cues) listed alphabetically, their responses(targets), and related information.. Each cue element contains all its targets. The names of the attributes are the ones of the columns and are explained in Table 6 of the introduction. We have renamed the ps (part of speech) as the more conventional pos.

This interactive web form enables the consultation of associations between a stimulus and a response from this list and from the Edinburgh Associative Thesaurus (EAT)

cue-target.xml.zipA zipped archive [889K] of the cue to target file, the cue are sorted in alphabetical order and within a cue the target are in decreasing order of strength. Once unzipped, the file is 6 MEGs.
USF-FAN.xslThe XSLT stylesheet to produce the XML file from the files in the Appendix A.
cue-target-100N.xmlCue and target file for the most frequent nouns
select100.xslStylesheet to select the most frequent nouns, useful as an example of an extraction.

For a similar type of information from another source see the XML Version of the Edinburgh Associative Thesaurus

Guy Lapalme (November 2017)