Propaganda is behind (dis)information. Concepts and Counter-Measures

Alberto Barrón-Cedeño (a (point) barron <at> unibo (point) it)

Università di Bologna

Le 9 décembre 2020 à 11 h 30

Réunion Zoom (voir

The general public tends to perceive that news outlets publish unbiased and objective news articles. Nevertheless, every single outlet, well established or not, is biased at some extent, keeps publication guidelines, and tries to pursue an agenda when informing the readers. Indeed, propaganda is information used to influence an audience and further an agenda and is often present in the current news landscape. We depart from the premise that one of the best strategies to dim the impact of propaganda (and disinformation) is turn it evident to the reader; as granting her with such information raises her awareness about the intention of the published contents.

In this talk, I will discuss on the kinds of propaganda often used in news articles (and posts) and will describe some of our efforts to enable the creation of supervised models for the identification of propaganda in general and specific propaganda techniques in particular.

Please find a recording of the presentation here:

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