FrameNet and metaphors

Carlos Subirats (carlos (point) subirats <at> gmail (point) com)

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Le 15 octobre 2014 à 11 h 30

Salle C-9019, Pavillon Lionel-Groulx

Frame semantics is based on the idea that the meanings of lexical units are constructed in relation to background knowledge and that this knowledge can be analyzed in terms of frames, i.e. schematic representations of situations emerging from everyday experiences (Fillmore 1982, 1985; Fillmore & Baker 2010). Frame semantics has been applied to study words and grammatical constructions, but its application can also be extended to explain metaphors. Conceptual metaphor theory (Lakoff & Johnson 1980, 1999) is based on the idea that metaphors arise from a set of systematic mappings between an experientially based source domain and a less experientially accessible metaphorical domain. In this talk, I will try to show that the detailed frame-semantic examination of FrameNet enables an analysis of metaphors as a relationship between two semantic frames, which include mappings between the core frame elements of each frame involved.

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