The Delta Model: A Quantitative Model of Change Representation and Evaluation of Translation Processes for Multi-lingual Content Management

Markus Latzel (markus <at> palominosys (point) com)

Palomino System Innovations

Le 18 mars 2009 à 11 h 30

Salle 3195, Pavillon André-Aisenstadt

Multilingual websites allow companies to reach business partners and customers all over the world. Localization defines the process of adopting a source website linguistically and culturally to its target locales. This process is needed every time content in the source website is created or changed and therefore requires a full-cycle localization process to capture differences between the various locales accurately. We propose the Delta Model as a framework to facilitate and automate multilingual website maintenance and its localization. A multilingual document structure (MDOM) is introduced to extends the hierarchical structure of the regular document object model (DOM) in order to determine localization and non-localization sensitive content. We show that MDOM as a valuable notation for both change representation as well as necessary localization operations within frequently changed content and illustrate the usefulness of this framework based on real-world examples.

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